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The all-new SupaChair series of lightweight wheelchairs & powerchairs, built to be portable and tough for the harshest of conditions, yet compact and easily transportable.

SupaChair Safari

The All-New SupaChair

Comtemporary mobility at an affordable price

Innovative and ultra-light wheelchairs and indoor/outdoor powerchairs with many unique features designed to improve ride quality and functionality.

Engineered for powerful performance and total reliability, the SupaChair range of electric wheelchairs - or "powerchairs" - are amongst the most unconventional and innovative mobility aids available today.

With an undeniably different and unique design, these rugged and quality engineered devices are challenging the traditional concept of portable mobility. Put simply, they go wherever you go.

Available locally and supplied by approved retailers, professionals who properly assess their customers and provide local after sales service.
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